Bears packers game. props to "cobra"

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  1. Well, the game is done, and the final score is
    Packers 31
    Bears 23

    Cobra gets props for nearly Nailing the prize by guessing packers win 31 to 24. He also kept giving the packers the correct score with his other guesses, so, you're either very lucky or very insightful.
    Sadly, neither you nor anyone else got the EXACT score, so, you'll have to try again next week. Part of what makes the game here interesting is the high difficulty level.

    So, since no one won, the next game will have. 20 xtal pot!

    Now, for those who care, let's talk about this game for a min. The packers won, and they should have. Statistics were heavily in their favor. For packer fans though, this win should not be very satisfying. The Bears kept the game closer than they should have, and the packers were fouling all over the field.
    The Bears showed streaks of brilliance, while the packers were more consistent, but, if they are going to be a playoff team his year, they will need to play cleaner football. Giving up 6 points to any team other than the Bears over stupid penalties will almost certainly be lethal.

    Anyhow, thanks for your guesses. I suggest, when I announce the next game, you all wall cobra and ask for his picks, as he so far has shown great promise.

    On that note, happy kawing!
  2. Almost 27thousand posts! That's a lucky one!
  3. Da bears.
  4. Lol, my original guess was also 31-24 but then I realised Cobra already picked it :lol:
  5. Did the bears miss an extra point?
  6. Da beers
  7. 27k! He got it! Celebrate for Moosey!
  8. 27k of nonsense
  9. Has he silenced you before?

    I'll cry ya a river. 
  10. No not silenced me
  11. How about whoever guesses closest gets some other smaller prize, but if anyone guesses the exact they get 10 xtals?

    I mean, cobra did pretty well :lol:
  12. sounds lame to me.
  13. I'll get em next week Moose!
  14. The real story is Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, Michael Brockers, Chris Long, and Nick Fairley disembowling the Seahawks. You know what they say though.
    "It’s hard to blame the Seahawks offensive line for the beating Russell Wilson took yesterday (six sacks, nine hits). St. Louis’s front four was sent here from a distant galaxy to destroy football and, if necessary, save Earth."
    -Robert Mays, Grantland editor
  15. I'm going to start paying attention to the Rams this season
  16. Too bad Pete Carroll didn't
  17. Bears haha packers been beating these chumps for close to 100 years lmao
  18. Jets got the superbowl