Be An Armchair WC: WC strategy discussion

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  1. I've never been much of a fan of the OP or the way he carries himself in the forums, but I have to say I'm impressed. This might be the most interesting thread I have read this year, which is not saying much considering the overall state of the forums these days. Finally someone is writing about Kaw and not about getting kicked in the groin.

    As for the trolls, this whole "war running" thing is old. Spare us your drama already. There are dozens of players who are "former iG", why arent they being trolled? (There are a few players in Fury that are also war runners.) Besides, critizing a guy for leaving iG to join Warlor is like critizing someone for not using his tricycle because he has a new Porche now.
  2. Maybe Phil, but iG is the Lamborghini of tricycles.
  3. @ cloud

    Thanks for the support, mate. I remember I WCd once in silver. But I'd also choose Fonzy over me. 
  4. @Frog great thread bud haven't seen this kind of thread in long time.its good to see some people make good thread like this still really impressed.
    I Have wc/Tracked over 150 wars @ Ad and indi I have seen many close wars and many one sided aswell and close one are always fun.
    Back to your thread first of all it's always hard to wc 80 man roster or higher.when U have 40 mins to make strategy and give out target it gets nothing better then that.It is hard to track xtal in random was good that Ur clan kept in believing U and xtal when U told them to xtal otherwise there are so many people out there who even don't bother to xtal when they are behind by few billions.Always follow wc he/She knows what they are doing U can come from any deficits.Soory for my grammer errors

    Happy KawingDullu/Vito
  5. Thanks Vito.

    I only occasionally wc. Probably once a week and war only 2-3 times a week. Have lots of catching up to do. Lol
  6. much respects to those step up voluntary as wc to save a day when assigned war commander missing in the middle of war.froggy,u have a sense of guilty and didn't want to lose war without fight.that's make you worthy as wc in the future.
  7. I think the hardest thing is always going to be when to Xtal. I would love to see a detailed breakdown of people's opinions on that part of the war. I have very rarely WCed usually just track but whenever I do I seem lost when it comes calling them. Tracking and WCing actually helps a little especially if your tracking program lets you put in when somebody xtals so you have a much clearer insight into how the war is going.
  8. @strategy

    Xstalling for me in an indi war like this where basically both sides are sporting a variety of builds is not too difficult in advantage or classic, because you can coordinate dives. Problem arise in random cause you don't know when everyone on your side is coming up. In this scenario when we were pinning them more than they were pinning us, it made sense to xstal late.
  9. I guess I just don't have enough experience to know when we should Xtal and five etc.

    I no there are some common ideas like if you are losing you will probably have to Xtal first. If the other team xtals you will have to counter them unless your down and well ahead. It seems like there as so many scenarios I never really know what's the right thing to do.
  10. This would apply for a different type of war than the one I described, but if you're in a clan that seems noticeably weaker, you not only May have to xstal first, but you have to xstal in a way that would negate their xstal. I.e. Plunder hard and be KOed when they try to counter.
  11. An xtal call for me is all about the surprise, especially if the enemy has already xtaled. Half their team up? Pop a couple xtals on hansels, assa them down and they won't know who's hitting them.

    If the enemy xtaled, counter them and plunder unsuspected.
  12. If u wanna win war give good initial targets and call for right xtal and tell all warriors to follow Ur instruction.Have faith in your self.
  13. If the enemy xtald, counter and surprise them, eh?

    Nope. They won't see a counter xtal coming...

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  15. ? Lol you like me now? I actually didn't bump for you but okay. ️
  16. Awesome and an intense read! Was in tears by the end of it . I personally don't WC because it's too much and also quite hard. I like a chilled indi where I can lock on my targets, take orders and plunder HARD. I think my build Is great for wars as well. And before anybody criticises my ADT and SDT, I don't really care as I don't war too much (maybe twice a week) and plus it doesn't matter because the opponent will crush your defences anyways with pots and spells...
  17. False. Please dont take this advice. Towers will be key in any war unless you have massive bfa
  18. True. Towers are a must.
  19. Unless your an SH 