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  1. I have an idea with the battle logs, I think we should be able to see how many hits we've been doing during the epic battles. For instance, when we go into the battle logs it should say how many hit we have, and it should be at the top. It's a good idea for those who need to catch up or don't know how many hits they've done... what do y'all think?
  2. I don't see how this will be usefull, just do as many actions as possible.

    The only use i can think of, and it is a far fetched one, is to check if you are skimming correctly.
  3. Clans often limit item usage. This would allow for checking that.
  4. Then it should show not only the amount of actions but also the type of action. If you unloaded on a HTE and say you can use a max of 20 pots. Who will know that you took 25 if you only did half an unload.
  5. Clans tend to have a minimum hit requirement per day aswell, with this it would be easier for clan owners to see everything. However, it would also result in more strips aswell. If you can see how many hits players invested in a eb, you can see weither they are actually pinning or only hitting once.
  6. For hte pots, it shows one action for 1-10 items, and next action for 11-20 pots and so on
  7. I just took 25 pots on hte and it showed me as having 4 item actions in battle log.
  8. Well that's how it was when I tested, maybe it's changed now
  9. If anony says it won't be usefull, it won't be usefull, statistics are never usefull, to check if members are active and by how much, to check pot dropping etc.

    But anony says not usefull so not usefull
  10. i'd support if it was accessible by only our own clan admins.

  11. This I could support ^
  12. Or u cud just wait till end and check how many hits u did....under eb history
  13. Perfect and support.
  14. Waste of resources and unneeded.
    Ppl cannot count don't care. Lazy is lazy.

    I cannot see how this a benefit in any way when other things are far far more important.