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  1. So we start off every PvP with a small amount of players as they opt in. Understandable but when day two arrives the battle list is still pretty barren with 5-8 or so players showing up even after refreshing a half dozen times. Sadly towards the end of PvP it is still the same issue. I block players I can hit as I find them on bl and in chat and by halfway to end of PvP my list is at least 5 times bigger than the battle list. Now this makes no sense cause if I can hit everyone in my blocked list why aren't they all in the battle list? I think this is an issue that needs to be considered and fixed. Also when in attack mode I can no longer see my news feed or the chat bar and during war this is extremely frustrating for getting info updates from tracker and our WC which is important during war. Is this to be the normal way now cause before these updates none of these issues existed but now they do and nothing is being done to fix the problem.
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    So you wanna see weak people you can hit ?
  3. Nobody really does it anymore, for fairies its choosing between pvp and the nk weekend

    For most pvp players it stopped being fun a little while after force opt in was removed . With the reduced game population it comes down too farming a hansel whos opted in while they sleep every night to get decent rewards .
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    Players that you find on your battle list are only players that are currently online.

    There may be a ton more that have opted in, but you will only see the ones that are online at the time you access your battle list.

    Hope this helps. ️
  6. Nobod want to get hit by heavy charms people, as u know charms dominate power over bfe/bfa and stats. Can say, pvp is dying now
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    If it’s the same static % then all you have to do is bring up bfa also.
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    The devs could encourage people to participate with an offering of better rewards for PvP event. ;)
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    Thanks for that, Piddasso! Your forum post has just given me new insight about players online on the battle list!

    To the main topic, I honestly don't see it as much of an issue as you do so far. When you put every player you possibly hit into your block list, you will eventually find yourself having a ton of different targets you want to hit in the far future.

    Especially if you're looking for some action trouble, I can see you are doing the thing you want: Player versus players!

    I can agree with you however that the Battle List does needs to be amended somehow. Though, I couldn't think of what change to suggest as of yet!