Battle Cry

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by BanishedNinja, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. In my opinion bc is to expensive. I think the time on bc should only count down when eb is In progress and not on the 15 minute to wait thanks (+:.
  2. I think bc should be free.
  3. I agree that the bc timer should stop when the eb is on cool down or not running. Why pay for bc if you know a lot of it will be wasted? More people will want to cast if they know it'd be worthwhile.
  4. Same
  5. you lose out barely on the 15 minute, that are 3 regens..
  6. For clans doing slow ebs it isn't much of an issue but even then you're losing 25% of what you paid for. If you do fast ebs you can lose more than 15 mins and it becomes an issue.
  7. if you do fast ebs then you can do bigger ebs which take longer. What if i told you that BC is not primarily meant for b2b hte.
  8. Fairies at their finest :)
  9. Go war nub. :p
  10. The 15 minute timer while BC is active should pause BC. But other than that it's well prices because BC affects all clan members. You aren't just buying it for yourself you're buying it for an average of maybe 60 people and a potential of 100.
  11. Says the tiny account who couldn't get into any clan using bc
  12. In my opinion battle cry should be changed to "Eb fairy dust"
  13. Can you even hit tier 4 ebs bro?
  14. I agree with the idea that it should not countdown when the eb is not is progress
  15. No support, people could do two minute ebs And train them so they do 10-20 with one bc
  16. Yes but consider the fact that on these trains people are dropping xtals like crazy and seals are being dropped at a rate of around 1 every 5 mins. If there are 10 people on the train and each are dropping 47 xtals over 2 hours that's 470$ straight away and if you throw in seals that's an extra 24 over 2 hours (1 every 5 mins) which is 141.60$. If you add in 1 hours worth of BC at each clan that's an extra 17.70$. This totals 629.30$ from 10 people over 2 hours. Even if you half this (2000 nobs for 100$ deal) that's still 314.65$ which is a lot of cash from just 10 people over 2 hours. Trains and BC shouldn't even come into play really as the main money maker there is the xtals.
  17. A lot of clan do HTE in less than 5 minutes. If you're running 3-4 HTE and hour, you're losing out of 45 minutes of BC.

    My suggestion; reduce the EB prep time to 5 minutes while battle cry is active.