Battle Cry - New Clan Plunder Buff

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  1. I find it funny that half the people complain, yet they will most likely cast the spells
  2. 1. I would like this to be a little cheaper.
    2. More accessible to smaller non available to pay clans.
    3. A way to refuse it.
    4. No more eb waiting time.
    5. And what if the player who cast it leaves will it still work or will it stop automatically and reinstall in the next clan player joins.
    Do 2 out of the five and I'll buy a couple.
  3. Wow! smh at u devs! Shady Shady Shady
  4. Remove this completely cause we all know if we keep this for a week it will never go. Same as hte, hte was supposed to be temp but now it's forever
  5. This is crap
    Dev scam for sure
    It's ugly and stupid
    Cmon ata. Give me a iTunes feedback popular right now
  6. 5.It stays in the clan, so if your doing a train you need to recast in each clan.
  7. Take this crap off my eb screen or I'm rating app low as possible. I don't mind the option. I DO MIND ACCIDENTALLY CLICKING IT EVERY TIME I TOUCH THE EB SCREEN
  8. Nonononononononono
  9. Perhaps at the very least there should be an option to toggle for the Battle Cry button to be displayed at either the eb page or at the Marketplace?

    Players who are comfortable with the button on the eb page can toggle for that option, while those who are not comfortable with it/rather have it displayed on the Marketplace chooses the latter option!

    It significantly reduces the accidental-purchases at least! Then it works for me! :D
  10. 59nob Per hour? LOL YOU GUYS ARE HILARIOUS
  11. I've tried leaving a review and rating. But it won't update the comment on newest version
    I assume my comment gets updated on Previous Versions and those are listed by oldest reviews first. Scrolled through 400 messages and was still at Oct 2011. When the game was good. To see newest comments may take 30 mins of scrolling
    Good one eh?

    Since this has been implemented the game runs like crap. Stuff doesn't load well and newsfeed misses things
  12. So basically your getting rid of the 50% free plunder promos and making us pay for them now..

    Seems legit
  13. Devs... do us all a favor- stop. let people EARN their dang Anything again. YOU ruin what wuz Once a great game
  14. I've had the same all day too...slow loading or no loading at all & force closes, thought it was just my service today but perhaps not.
  15. I love this feature cause it makes all you sissies cry about it 
  16. I rather have you work on improving EE wars ...... You already giving Crux chest already no point in having 25% bonus when it's only a hour long ( battle cry ) not worth my $ ..... Jus improve wars and it will get better
  17. What? Are you reading fortune cookies? How is this a response to my post?
  18. Much better if the whole clan can chip in 120 nobs and it lasted for 2 hrs....haven't read any posts...pretty sure it's been suggested already...this is jic
  19. Sure, let's male this an option but you're aiming way too low on the price.

    5 nobs per head and minimum 50 people only 2 hours. Everyone pays less and ATA makes more. They'll do it now.
  20. This is actually an idea that has been asked for time and time again. The idea comes up every now and then as a replacement for HTE also.

    We are now complaining about it...

    Ever since HTE and plunder bonuses have been released, I have seen people ask for this more than ANYTHING.

    I do believe the price should be dropped to 29 nobs. $6 is a lot to ask. Id rather a couple of us drop $3, seems much easier and a lot more spent. There is such things as bad pricing causing bad marketing. Just my 2 sense.