Battle Cry - New Clan Plunder Buff

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  1. @ ATA

    New age don't stand behind much what you in this game cos u only think of your own pockets not customers game experience. You don't fix away certain programs currently working on Kaw website.
    You always thought of your pockets first.
    But I remember a certain Black Friday few years back we did ruin it, remember?!
    I smell it again!

  2. No support ...., too expensive.
  3. This will do nothing but widen the gap, speed up new lands and buildings, and absolutely DESTROY your player base. Also completely deter newer players from playing.

    LL wars was a step in the right direction. But now we see that was simply a tonic for this BS. Give the little ones something to distract them while you cater to the big spenders only with yet another pay to win feature.
  4. This new feature is the first of a list of paybuttons in kaw I m afraid. Next are pop-up ads. And to be honoust I hate games that keep spamming your screen. As a matter of fact I usualy delete them. I believe kaw took a bad turn here.
  5. Devs don't care about new players. I've been saying this for years and it only shows through their actions time and time again.

    This game and ATA are more concerned with milking what remains of the player base than anything else. As long as all of us continually commit to buying seals, spells and et cetera they only will continually introducing new ways and reasons to continue spending money instead of fixing the game itself.

    If anyone wants actual change a KaW wide boycott of significant proportion would be required for the attention. Unfortunately too many people don't care and are happy with things as they are and will keep spending even if not spending for a month or two might actually help improve the game.

    The players want this. They begged for HTE to be permanent and from then on it's been about the money.
  6. Nice product but how can I use it during the 15 minute break in between? So we like the plunder spell maybe buy more of your products like nobs and crystals make hte go faster only to watch the timer run out during this 15 minute break? You don't think that's a rip off or a fleece of our spending on your product? Can you justify not having the timer stop during the 15 minute break?
  7. Wow this is a great idea! Lets have more gold floating around in KaW and more inflation. Man, gold star for whoever thought of this.

    I laugh every time someone comments on other threads about devs listening to what we say but they don't have time to respond to everything. What absolute CRAP. If the devs paid any attention, or rather attention to people who don't dump their life savings into KaW, they'd realise that the players don't want stuff like this. They want to see IMPROVEMENTS to the game not additional cash grabbing features. KaW has the potential to be a good game around for a few more years if they would just improve what's already in the game. Stop with the events and the extra paying options. I understand you are a business and I'm not ignoring that, but improve your product before you raise prices. Eventually, people will go and look for a better product that costs less.

    Work on improving the game. And stop just picking the first idea that can earn you some money. If you listened to the players, you'd realise there are some very good ideas out there. Open your eyes and ears, not just your pockets.
  8. I know this is a money grab, and I really wish I had the unpopular opinion puffin meme (please someone have it ready) but I really like this idea, even if it is just a money grab. Would be better if it cost less though. Like 30 nobs or something instead of 59.
  9. Yeah! Lets add a 29 nob option for 10% too devs! Let us stack em and spend more!
  10. Now it's far beoened reaching.
    May as we'll be skimmers @atms lmao
  11. I hate this idea... Take it away
  12. Des fail to realise that the more they work on IMPROVING the game, the more incentive people would have to spend.
  13. Only way Kaw will not die is to have a reset that's the only way removing hte won't do crap. Many lb have over 200 seals on hand
  14. Its nice to see that ATA is working hard to make this a better game but it also clearly describes its want and hunger of money...

    59 nobility points just for an hour would make almost no difference even after paying over a dollar...

    I suggest kaw to put the cost 59/ 12 hours..
    That will affect only members active in the epic battle...
    That would make much more sense according to me...

    Thank you 
  15. Hey add it to mage where you will be able to enchant it to 50% (1mith, 1 aqua, 2 inferno), 75% (2mith, 3 aqua, 6 inferno), 100% (6mith, 9 aqua, 18 inferno)
    You should make it so only owner and admin can enchant for clan. This enchantment would last until end of battle cry or until lost or increased through enchantment attempts.
  16. I think the "Battle Cry" spell needs to be moved to the Marketplace or we should be given the option to disable it via the pop up option in setting.
  17. Support, i thought they were changing slightly wit the ll's wars idea but clearly i was mistaken...I've been boycotting spending since the zta release & I kno others who have reduced alot & started boycotting too, our numbers are building :) ...perhaps if we get enough we can just start up our own player made leadeboards under a boycotted alliance...Only need a few forum admins to track clans within the alliance...just an idea but if enough are willing i'd help out.
  18. A seal- american money worth? 6$. 200% plunder bonus for EVERYONE in clan, usually an hr Or more. a battle cry- american money worth? 6$. 25% plunder bonus for everyone in clan for Only an hr.

    Enough said.