Battle Cry is too Expensive

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  1. Battle cries only give a 25% plunder bonus,, and for 59 nobility points, that is not worth it. I believe that instead of young it to 35% or 40%, the devs should lower the cost to 39 or 44 nobs or something. With 59 nobs I could buy a seal and get more than I could with a 25% bonus for an hour. If I war once I would have that bonus for 250x as long.
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    That's what she said
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    If ya don likely something s don purchasing tit.
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    "Notes op has no ee"
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    I can't war at the moment with work and volunteer hours.
  6. Support. I'd actually bother spending on those instead of $6 for 25%. Lol! Definitely think more would spend on those percentages (better for devs).
  7. battle cry wasn't implemented for you. it was implemented for big spenders.
  8. Honestly if they just made battle cry pause between ebs they would get more people purchasing it. Yes people doing short ebs would benefit more from the pause however people in fast hte/zta clans are already dropping seals, circles and xtals at fast enough rates to make the small loss of battle cry income from these clans worth it.
  9. ^ something I've advocated for a while now.

    Now that ATA_Charlie is spearheading a lot of things maybe we can finally see that change. It's never made any sense to me why we pay for a BC that in some cases isn't in effect for upwards of half the time, maybe more.
  10. i think it should pause between ebs you lose 15m if running b2b hte
  11. It's 59 nobs for 25% because it benefits the whole clan. That's potentially 100 people.
  12. The argument will be made that hte also benefits the whole clan.

    But that isn't the point of battle cry. It's that "gold per unload" thing. BigSpenders buy it because it increases their income even further. Moderate spenders don't buy it, because simply buying a second seal earns them more.
  13. it was not intended to use on b2b hte.
  14. That is exactly what it is intended for...

    I suppose I could understand using it during a lotl, but where else would you use it other than the premium ebs? It wouldn't make any sense.
  15. 25% ^ items or drops? Not sure but jw
  16. Indeed. It could be removed from all ebs except the premiums. And thats kinda the point of the price. If you really want to squeeze as much extra gold outhte a hte, then that 6$ isnt going to go as far as it did compared to buying a seal.

  17. oh really? hmm guess which clans purchase it the most..
  18. sucker punch b2bhte

  19. Correction if u win****
  20. The clock pausing between ebs is a hilarious suggestion.

    The amount of htes some could complete in 60 minutes of just eb clock time is a tad ridiculous.

    How much gold an hour is enough? How fast should a person be able to buy their way to build complete?