Bathrooms near kitchens...

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  1. Why do they build houses with bathrooms in or near the kitchen....

    It’s like a 3 inch thick door if you have people over and they have to poop you gonna hear just doesn’t make sense...

    Build bathrooms away from the kitchen for the love of god
  2. I think it's to save on plumbing costs. Kitchen and bathroom are usually the main water usage spots. It makes sense to minimize piping and keep it together when you're trying to build cheap apartments. It also saves on piping insulation if you live somewhere cold.

  3. I’ve never lived in an apartment or cheap housing so I guess I’ll never know lol
  4. Eh, even in nicer places I think it's still generally true. Makes it a lot easier to provide maintenance on I'd imagine. Until you get real fancy and expensive, like 4 or more bathrooms lmao
  5. My in-laws live in an upper middle class area and one of their homes has a bathroom next to the kitchen. But it's an older home, maybe some were just built that way.
  6. when I poop I also wanr to make a burger
  7. You don’t have to have the bathroom next to kitchen. It depends on the floor plan. Most were trying to use the negative space as much as possible and what easier way to do so than put a bathroom. Main floor will usually have a half bath....sink and crapper. The full baths are next to the bedrooms.
  8. This isn’t a thing
  9. Is happens when theres booms in a town or city. They throw up dozens to hundreds of houses each in about 4-6 months max for as cheap as possible. Yeah quality isnt there and these "contractors" jump town as soon as project is finished making it near impossible for their so called contractor offered warranties. Ive seen this many times over the years.

    For most part, buyer beware

    Now buying an older home with these setups isnt near as bad due to previous owner/s have taken the blunt of it.
  10. Weird flex but ok