Basic Strip Guide

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  1. Why only steal and not attack?
  2. Even tho attacking takes a higher percentage verus a steal, its better to steal because you can do so constantly without the target going dtw. (a skimming attacker, if used, should be assigned via pm so newer members arent tempted to attack pin a strip target)
  3. ^

    Perfect answer,

  4. Good job, you covered the basics well
  5. Unless he has high spie defense
  6. PIMD is better...js
  7. Basic Stripping: First u take off ur shirt, then ur pants, et cetera :D lolz
  8. As bad as you PIMD'ers are at trolling, this was actually a decent bump.

    If you plan to actually play here, read this thread.
  9. Make sure to sweet talk her or invite her to a nice dinner if you wanna strip herr!
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  11. Would it ever be suitable to attack too or is it best to make it all anonymous
  12. The anonymous part isn't important - the important thing being you can almost indefinitely steal an account with gold out, you cannot almost infinitely attack (excepting pure spies). That being said, in some large strips the people doing the strips may have an lb build skim attacks on the target (as they would take a ton per attack compared to steals plus it's a few more actions taking gold)
  13. kotfe take notes
  14. To track the win loss for activity, i ss the win loss every however minutes then just scroll through them in camera roll.
  15. Only problem with stripping know matter how well u track 3rd party apps like line can destroy a perfect track n strip bc clan mates can catch and phone him on line! However great beginner strip guide!!!
  16. Can somebody explain why this is important? I thought you made money if people bought your allies? Since you lose only a bit when hit isn't it counterproductive?
  17. ^Well, that's why you steal a few thousand times, hopefully with UA on. That way you can buy 800T of allies (hi yoshi), and take 700T from them in not that many minutes.