Basic Strip Guide

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  1. It's not hard to track at all, you just need to put a little time into it.
  2. Good thread though, most people don't know how to.
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  6. Can you use troops in a strip? It would only tell them who stripped them wouldnt it?
  7. Mid way instrip,target gets up to peesees allies being bought hires congo hombre  goes back to sleep.
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  9. Very nice this shaunte a whole new light on the matter. So basically I would spend my time in the war making a spreadsheet let's say on Excel with the targets win loss ratio and the amount they have and Allies and then watch to see if they're active or inactive and then post in cc that there not active in their ally worth most of this could be done prior to war start then all I have to do is go back in reference and keep up with ko times and that i amstill working on a method for thank you for this guide it help me to understand what I thought was going to be more confusion
  10. Okay I have a question if I'm going to do this I would like to spend the whole war time doing my job to make sure it done correctly so therefore I'll have no hits going out will I still be rewarded mith I know I won't be rewarded as much as players heating but some is better than none and if not its okay I was just curious
  11. Sorry for the typos I'm using text to talk because of the short amount of time I have to do this because I'm at work
  12. This thread relates to OSW more so than EE dude, completely different wars.
  13. Dante - Needs re-naming to Strip Guide - Nothing basic about it. It's bang on!
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