Basic Strip Guide

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  1. Lol curt, as if I'd put everything in the forums 
  2. Nice guide, Dante. (Might I add the use of an online spreadsheet shared between parties as well? ) 
  3. nice thread. could maybe mention the amount of steals req. to take most of their gold. but I can see why it's left out. grats
  4. I personally like the hire-and-drop ally's. method. And provided they're inactive you can do this and then scout 50 times to hide your name from feeds.

    Tadaaa!! Target stripped and doesn't know who :p leaves big ego and lots of gloating to be had while target wall and friends go crazy in wc with know idea who did it 
  5. Yeah that works when you are stripping baby allies...
  6. Well duh I'm only lil. I can't afford much bigger :(
  7. Why is my paycheck smaller ? Is it because I striped / tracked ?
  8. Screw RL . What's important is we strip this guy ! No more fake good earning . ..
    Also part of osw . Cracks me up
  9. Bump so our new pimd friends can hopefully learn the PVP aspects before turning into EB slugs :)
  10.  Bump for the starving children
  11. Does this honesty need to be a stickied guide? If you don't know how to strip just delete kaw off of your idevice. I mean really?
  12. Holy ******* shifter 

    But ja. Stripping is uncommon and not known of by a lot of people these days.
  13. I stand corrected. Then in that case goodjob keep it up.
  14. *Trys to delete kaw off idevice*

    Damn, I got a droid. :(
  15. Everyone does strip differently... Some take off their pants first while others may take off their shirts first
  16. Great Thread