Basic Strip Guide

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  1. @ jester

    Think of this as a skeleton, it can be developed on and modified to suit your needs and style.

    I could have written a fully detailed thread labeling every single aspect. Quite easily.


    Then where would the challenge be. The thread is designed to show the bare essentials, and encourage people to work out there own way. If everyone stripped exactly the same way it would be boring.
  2. Great work, that's a high quality introduction!
  3. And NOW you have my support. Congrats, lol.
  4. Well Ty guys
  5. You did this on iDevice? Kudos to sir, that was excellent :)
  6. Ja, pc access is limited for me severely atm 
  7. Excellent work, brutha. Very informative.

    9:30__Dante goes pee pee
    9:45 __Dante sits on couch
    10:00__Dante goes to the window
    10:05__Dante peeps at neighbor
    10:15__Dante sits on couch
    10:30__Dante opens beer
    10:45__Dante goes poo poo
    11:00__Dante falls asleep on toilet
    12:00__Dante plunges toilet
    12:15__Dante unloads on epic (eb baby)
    I hate tracking..... 
  8. Not bad man.
  9. Ty adhragos

  10. Should be more naked people in forums 
  11. This is super helpful! SOOOOO many things I never knew. :p
  12. Ahhh my little protege is all grown up 
  13. Lol curt, don't patronize me xD
  14. Nice basic guide. Good to see something helpful in forums.
  15. Alright... I'll be good.

    But if anyone wants the advanced strip guide, come join Regulators.
  16. You forgot forget about sleep and RL metal . Other then that . Spot on  good thread .
  17. ^ forgot about
  18. Might should add " need a alarm clock , coffee 24/7 and realizing you might get fired do to your lack of concentration in RL .