Basic Strip Guide

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  1. Oh okay
  2. No foreplay section?
  3. @ mike

    Oh, how ever did I forget to put advanced tips in a basic guide :/

    And also, these are not obvious for those who have never been partial, or bothered to put any thought into it.
  4. Well basic guides aren't needed anymore
  5. Really mike? So every single new player coming into the game automatically knows everything there is to know? How intriguing!

  6. And neither are your opinions on this thread,

    Seeing as you opened a thread titled "basic strip guide" expecting an advanced strip guide, I don't even know what to say.
  7. Very nice Dante, truly awesome.
  8. Good guide Dante
  9. Nice job Dante 
  10. I knew nothing of this topic before... Ta OP :)
  11. What about unholy aura? Clear target faster
  12. Great thread, Dante. Thanks 
  13. Awesome thread! Hope to see and advanced guide maybe. :)
  14. I usually check their eb participation lol
  15. Already stickied? I mean I guess it is a basic guide... It's good but there's a lot more to go into it
  16. Nice! I needed to know how to strip. Didn't wanna read a 4pg long guide. Short sweet and to the point! Thank you Dante