Basic Strip Guide

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  1. Hey guys, thought I'd throw a small guide together for the lulz. Enjoy

    ** very basic guide for those new to OSW

    How To Strip Effectively


    You can not really be 100% effective in a strip, without tracking your opponent. Without a rough TZ there is a high chance it will be caught. Which can lead to complete failure 

    Here's some basic tips on successfully tracking an target.

    Basically what you want to do is take your opponents W/L/Q (wins/losses/quests) and basically watch them increase, (checking every 15m is best) if they don't increase in a certain time period - say midday to 18:00 BOOM. You have a rough activity pattern, and from there the fun starts.

    Here is what their w/l/q looks like on their profile (for reference).


    I like to record my tracking as such, as its easily accessible and quick to see where the gap is ;)



    There are a few things you need to get organized prior to the execution.

    • 1.Funds
      2. Ally allocation (more than one buyer)
      3. A suitable time activity wise
      4. Activity from your team


    Pretty simple really, you need to know how much gold you need to clear the ally's required. Add your targets allies up, and allow a few more bil than that number. If your target has more than 20 allies, look at the allies showing and try spot a certain price range. If there are multiple allies at the same price this indicates a "buy range". You can then use the hire ally's section to potentially find some off page ally's by keying in that range. If you cannot find a range, and are certain they have more allies, either get what ever gold you can spare out, and keep more readily available to be unbanked. Or you can strip multiple times revealing more allies each time :)


    Again, a simple theory to grasp. If you have multiple strippers, you need to give them a list of allies to hire prior. You can't have them accidentally hiring allies that have already been bought 


    Woohoo! Another easy phase ;) basically make sure you pick a time appropriate for your target (this is where your tracking comes in) you strip at the wrong time and you will fail :(


    You want your clan to be active at the time of the strip for obvious reasons. You want to steal all their gold not give them gold


    Yay! It's finally here, the big night 
    Your funds are ready, your team is active, and your beer is cold 

    So what do you need to do?

    Last minute tracking is crucial. Things happen, people snitch, targets pee etc.. All valid reasons as to why you need to just make sure. I usually put time aside and track from 2h before go time, just to be safe.

    1h before go time, call your soldiers to regen their spies. This way they are already full when you peel the allies.

    15m before go time. Get your strippers to prepare them selves for their buys, and reconfirm their hires. Again never hurts to double check! Also take this time to double check they have the same allies 


    Go time! The Strippers hire, put your target in the ca and steal (only) like you were a modern musician ripping samples!

    Request reports in cc, nothing is more rewarding than watching them flow in, bask in the glory !

    There are a few other things like pot burning etc.. But hey these are the basics, You can pick up things, and adapt to create your own style as you go :)

    So onwards! Wreak havoc across the lands!


    ** made on device, excuse any bbcode errors please
  2. Wooo nice 
  3. Dante giving away kaw sekrits again. PROPS! This is stuff peeps need to know, even if they never have any intention of doing it.

    Because that way when you wake up nekkid, you'll know how it happened. ;)
  4. Well, this is the very basics of it,everyone strips differently ;)
  5. The bread and butter of ass kicking. Well written.
  6. Trade secrets learned, Cheers man, NICE ONE.
  7.  nice thread bro

  8. Great thread ;) 
  9. Seeing Lunacy's name here made me think you should include a part about reset bomb's and how to avoid being stripped.

    Lunacy got me with a 16B bomb :( hahaha

    Nice guide man.
  10. Reset bombs, aren't needed in the basics ;)
    Maybe a strip def thread will be next on my agenda 
  11. Wait a minute, what do I do after buying their allies again?

  12. You pm them omega. You pm them 
  13. My method to learning how to strip:

    • Get attacked by Onsey since you are the owner of the clan of his original target
    • Attack him back in a fury of noob rage
    • Attack him obsessively for 16 hours of your waking life taking 3-5 min of every hour at work/home etc.
    • Screenshot his allies
    • Somehow watch all his allies go to his alt, but then get thoroughly convinced his alt is actually his friend (others helped him out with that)
    • Continue to attack him for almost a week
    • Realize he isn't DTW/returning hits for a specific set period of time
    • Somehow declare a ceasefire just because he goes pure spy
    • Convert self into a Hansel
    • Makes friends with Onsey
  14. Sticky! You forgot to mention to designate an attacker to attack 2times every 5 mins
  15. Need more advanced tips :( this is the obvious
  16. @shaun,

    No, I didn't. This is a basic guide. When new to stripping its best to keep it simple. And per attacking because your not sure can mean the differance between 70 and 90% taken
  17. Awesome thread man.