Basic LowLand builds

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  1. With this new update of Lowland war brought more warriors thanks to devs. I can understand many still slow on adapting to builds. I am going to post basic builds. Lowland war is best way to learn wars and cheap way to build.

    Remember that during lowland war you can’t cast mith. This means you can’t cast mith to hide allies. Make sure when you cast War of Conflict you also cast hide allies. When you are pure spy and ally not hidden you will be liability to the roster. This will bring roster moral down. Very important to keep moral high so we all try to be active. When moral down some will give up and do action on start and log off.

    Please avoid warring with odd builds. Chances you will just cause the war of the lose. You might as will didn’t cast to war. Odd builds are those excessive towers or no sdt at all. I hope this will help a little make lowland war more fun for all of us. Thanks KAW community.

    Basic builds:

    PS1: 1 titan lair and 23 stronghold of shadows
    PS: 24 stronghold of shadows
    Tank: 18 circle of element, 1 stronghold of shadows and
    5 SDT
    Hybrids: 15 circle of elements, 5 stronghold of shadows
    shadows and 4 SDT
  2. No one needs help from coach pusang. You should have tought IDD how to osw, maybe you would still own a clan. *mic drop
  3. There may be a small cadre of players who were turned off by the ffa/super serious clan duality of clan ll wars and whose builds were unsuitable for indy and may try the new wars as inexperienced warriors.

    This post will help them. Ty
  4. Nice post with good intentions, but I think there are also other tank/hyb builds that are helpful.

    Since ps and ps1 are so prevalent in new lowland it’s probably better to have 6 sdt rather than 5. Since a lot of people overextend in lowland you don’t need that raw eating power from 18 COE. 16 will do. Since tanks will usually be zs it helps a lot to have 1 adt so it’s harder to ako you. So the tank build I recommend is 16/1/1/6 for that reason.

    Also if you will be active, ps1 is almost always better than ps.

    Hyb are not that good unless enemy is all ps1 or their tanks have very very low sdt, like under 4 sdt

    Just my 2 cents
  5. Rat I understand what you mean. I’m just giving basic builds. When player get used to lowland then they can change build that suit their game play. I am trying to avoid new casters that build 24 coe in war or 18 coe and 6 sos. They will get a bad experienced in war when they are just starting. They will get assed killed in 10 seconds.
  6. Support, thanks musang

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  7. I want to know how people did, been waiting for long for a Indi Low Land System War... that i missed Tj sign up... was it cool?

    Let the people choose whatever build they want... that is why it’s Low Land Only - Cheap to build and drop... I believe is the most fair so far...
  8. If anyone didn't have this ee 101 knowledge provided by musang the magnificent prior to reading this useless thread just quit. Shyfanboy you should join idd and help pusang finish his warbeasts