Banner/Aqua/Inferno Event

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  1. Hello Developer Team and the KaW community!!

    I’d like to make another suggestion. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would agree on this but.. I’d like to see another banner event that includes aqua / inferno epic battles!

    There are a lot of folks in game that have a ridiculous amount of charms sitting there not being used. I can honestly say that I have over 125 un-transmuted charms due to the fact that it legit takes so much aqua and inferno to fully max out a piece of equipment. That being said.. I believe that it’s in the communities best interests to hold another aqua / inferno event with a new banner that is somewhat higher in stats than the other banners in the game but is also more of a challenge to achieve.

    I know that these suggestions take time to process and put into action but with enough support here on this thread I do believe it can be done.

    Please leave all support and any suggestions you all may have below in the comments! I’d love to hear what the community has to say!
  2. Support
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  3. 100% Support. Banner event is over due, as well as a new source of aqua is very much needed for those with equipment piling up that can’t be enchanted.
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  5. Support
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  6. New players need banners too devs. 😂😍
  7. Full support
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  8. Yup, support
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  9. Possibly add a aqua/inferno exchange method. Where a player can swap 2 or 3 inferno to receive 1 aqua. ✌🏼
  10. Absolutely support this. Way over due and I need to transmute my 500+ sitting charms 🤪
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  11. 100% Support
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  12. Just banner aqua inferno kinda easy to get
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  13. Support
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  14. Support
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  15. Full support. It’s a great idea. Unfortunately devs don’t like good ideas
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  16. 100% support this!. It’s needed and requested by a lot :(
  17. Support
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