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  1. I'd love to see and ACTUAL banking system rather than having no way to bank money but a guaranteed loss. E.g. Bronze bars (or any item) once sold generates a net loss, and allies, buying an ally for loads of gold doesn't mean they're helpful to you and then you have to be lucky that someone buys them when you need them to, which from my experience is rare; firing them is the worst for your money.
    I suppose a Bank could be made a building? Buy a bank to store gold. Upgrade to store even more gold and max upgrade the bank generates a health crystal or Mithril weekly? I've been playing this for over 2 years and really don't like that this game is more and more pay to win.. I hope you all support a way of banking, mine is just a suggestion but please. Every Kingdom in the world has a bank, why don't ours? Lol.
  2. Because banks weren't invented yet
  3. Other ATA games had banks. They had the same loss as bronze bars when depositing money.
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  5. If there was no loss in banking, everyone would bank everything. It would deter a lot of risk. So yes, you can bank, but you pay for it. The alternative is to not bank and risk losing some/all of it. A banking system wouldn't really solve much as it would work genetically to bars.
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  7. Don't you get bronze bars from certain EBs? That's practically like the banking system paying you.
  8. Bronze bars should not be locked the new players have ni way really ti bank u should be able to buy them. as soon as u start the game if u start in the. medal of an pvp all your gold is just out for everyone to take with the bb locked
  9. Sounds like a specific 3rd party app that I won't mention but rhymes with crash of pans


    You want mithril? Only way to get it is EE wars or the PvP event right now.
    Bank generating mithril means no point to EE


    OP Casted OPT OUT :lol: