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  1. nze, Silver and Gold bars were introduced to help members “bank” and save up their gold. If you are like me and played this game forever you would have naturally liked this idea only to find out when you sell your bars you LOSE GOLD!

    Gold is gold
    Silver is silver
    Bronze is bronze


    I want to entertain the idea of a random event type or during promo where we get a notification that says something like “business is booming, all bars will be sold for 1x 1.5x their value”

    Let the value fluctuate! Make it down and up like a real economy.

    What do you all think!?
  2. Bad idea think of all the ppl who have a crap ton of sbs and gold bars already i mean the ally inflation is crazy this would just make it worse imo
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  3. I'm not a fan of it there are several reasons I like how the bars work at the moment.

    1. If bars would not make you lose money pvp events would get more boring than they are right now because everyone would bank every single coin.

    2. If value would fluctuate the ally trade would get a little more in the background. People would trade bars instead.

    3. If you would get more money selling than spending a free money source would be opened and the money balance of the game would be broke.

    4. Ally prices would rise insanely again.
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  4. Please read up what „inflation“ is.
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  5. This really doesn’t say how you like the bar system now other than pvp events which doesn’t even make sense. In pvp, people would bank gold no matter what
    You do not give several reasons why you like how the system is already just bad examples.

    1. You can never fully bank your gold
    2. You can’t trade bars
    3. Ally prices aren’t going down

    I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say.

    There are weeks if you sell your bars you get .5x, .75x, 1.0x or even higher.

    There needs to be a chance at some time of reward for “banking” and saving them.

    Clearly there would be more weeks where you would get less value.
  6. The reward is that you can‘t strip bars. That‘s the whole point.
  7. Y
    You should be rewarded for saving.
  8. in a war game? Dream on
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  9. No support. Them being worth less on sale is the whole point.

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  10. i’d say yes but everyone else is saying no. so peer pressure.

    no thanks
  11. good boy