Bang's Guide to KA War

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  1. great work. now please make another thread. how to wc. all these great warriors warring 4x a day but no clue(too lazy) how to wc
  2. I actually really like this great job. I have a chest I wish to gift you for the effort involved.
  3. I also have a chest but unfortunately it is stuck to my torso ):
  4. Wcing is from pure expierence lol.
  5. Lol everyone wc’s differently too
  6. great informative thread. I appreciate the guideline(s) through the basic topics of war builds, and strategies thank you.
  7. Much appreciated, was looking at getting back into warring. And this honestly helped as it's been a while!
  8. Ghost x definition is incorrect
  9. How would u define it?
  10. Personally I'd take the description for that one and label it as a rogue xtal or rogue x. Never heard the term ghost x myself.
  11. Bump for ppl new to war and wish to learn for this weekend
  12. This, a ghost xtal can be a number of things

    1. Xtalling when ur low and not receiving inc
    2. Xtalling right after self ko’ing be being ko’ed
    3. Xtalling after you dive troops and spies right before being knocked out and then tanking