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  1. Hi all! System war has been a huge part of this game for me, and it is one of the only reasons I still play after so many years. With this guide on specifically Kingdom and Allies (KA) war, I hope to make warring more palpable for the people who are interested in trying it. System war is not an easy thing for beginners, so if you don’t get things at the start, don’t worry. You will slowly learn. Now, without further adieu, here is my take on perhaps the most strategic component of all of KAW.

    Here is a table of contents of what I am going to cover in this guide. Feel free to add in the comments anything I’ve missed or pm me if you think there is more to be added. This guide will be constantly updated with new info and contributors. Thanks!

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    Table of Contents

    • 1. Glossary of Terms
      2. Pre War
      3. Builds
      4. Mechanics
      5. Strategy

    1. Glossary of Terms

    Ako = attack knockout
    Ass = assassinate
    Att = attack with troops
    BFA = bonus from allies
    CR = clan roster
    Diving = the act of performing actions in a rapid succession in an attempt to self knockout
    Down = the state one is in after a knockout
    Dump = the act of performing actions in a rapid succession (not to self knockout)
    Eat = utterly destroy someone who is weaker than you with troops or spies
    FB = full bar
    Full = when troops and spies are at 100%
    Ghost x = crystalling without the command from the war commander
    Hansel/PS1 = a build consisting of 75% or more spy buildings
    HB = half bar
    Hybrid = a build consisting of between 25 and 75% troop or spy buildings
    Ko = knockout (no troops or spies remaining)
    Leaking = when your opponents are winning a lot of troop attacks on you
    Percent = how much troops or spies are remaining as fraction over total troops (reported as X/X)
    pxp/dxd = plunder xtal plunder/dive xtal dive - plunder opponent troops till zero troops, crystal, and plunder opponent again
    PS = purespy
    Regen = regenerate (every 5 minutes, you will regain a certain amount of troops and spies)
    Repin = the act of knocking out someone after they come out of knockout
    Report = the act of telling your clanmates your actions (shown as successes over total attempts ex: 1/3 att)
    Sb = scoutbomb (performing scouts in rapid succession on an opponent)
    Sit = the act of checking specific targets that are in ko and trying to repin them when they come up
    Skim = the act of performing actions a few times when troops or spies are full
    Sko = self knockout
    Strip = hiring an opponent's ally during the war
    Tank(verb) = the act of receiving incoming attacks and spies and doing nothing in retaliation
    Tank(noun) = a build consisting of 75% or more troop buildings
    Up = when a warrior is able to be hit by opponents, opposite of down
    WC = war commander
    Window = after reaching the 5 minute mark after being koed in random 5-10 minute war, these are the people that can come up at any time - they will be forced to come up at the 10 minute mark
    WR = war roster
    Xtal (abbreviated as x) = crystal
    ZS = zero spies
    ZT = zero troops

    2. Pre War

    This is the currency of war. Mithril can be used to purchase the various spells at the alchemist.

    Troop and Spy Spells
    In old times, these spells added a significant bonus to stats. However, due to stat inflation, these spells are largely useless in war. However, casting these spells will impact the amount of mithril that you receive at the end of the war, so long story short, cast these spells if you can afford to.

    Ally Hiding Spells
    These spells hide allies for 8 or 24 hours.

    3. Builds

    A tank is a build consisting of 75% or more troop buildings. A tank cannot attack a hansel when a hansel has no gold out. A tank can attack another tank or a hybrid at any time.

    A hybrid is a build consisting of 25 to 75% troop or spy buildings. A hybrid can perform all actions on any build.

    A hansel is a build consisting of 75% or more spy buildings. A hansel cannot steal a tank when a tank has no gold out. A hansel can perform all actions on other builds.

    A purespy has all spy buildings. A purespy cannot be attacked by any build when it has no gold out. If you plan to war as a purespy, it is crucial to cast an ally hiding spell before the start of war so the opponent cannot hire an ally and attack endlessly.

    4. Mechanics


    Troops are the main way that gold is earned in war. When you attack someone with troops and you succeed, you make plunder, which gets added to your team’s total plunder in the war roster. You lose the minimum amount of troops when your attack stats are roughly double or more your opponents defense stats, and the chance you succeed is almost 100%. As your attack stats drop relative to your opponent's defense stats, the chance you succeed lowers and your troop loss increases.


    This is the form of spying that is the easiest to succeed and uses the least amount of spies. It also kills the least amount of your opponent’s spies. Scouting only kills your opponent’s spies and nothing else. It is the preferred method of spying if your spy attack stats are close to your opponent’s spy defense stats. If you scout successfully with minimum spy loss, you should be able to scout your opponent around 4 times per regen. Minimum spy loss should occur when your spy attack is roughly 1.5x your opponents spy defense.

    This form of spying is harder to succeed than the scout. If the assassinate is a success, you will kill both your opponent’s troops and spies. It is the preferred method of spying if your spy attack stats are double your opponent’s spy defense stats. If you assassinate successfully with minimum spy loss, you should be able to assassinate your opponent around 3 times per regen. Minimum spy loss should occur when your spy attack is roughly 2.25x your opponents spy defense.

    This is the hardest form of spying and only really ever used as a self knockout tactic in KA war. In a successful steal, you will gain gold from your opponent, but nowhere near as much gold as an attack. If you steal successfully with minimum spy loss, you should be able to assassinate your opponent around 1.5 times per regen.


    Towers are crucial in KA war. There are two types of towers: defense towers and spy defense towers. In war, when you attack or spy someone, your troops and spies will decrease proportionally, which will decrease your attack and spy stats. Your towers, however, will not decrease in stats. This makes it harder for opponents to attack or spy if you are low in troops or spies or if you are coming out of pin.


    This is bonus from allies, and it is a very important aspect of KA war. In order to convert from raw BFA to the stats that are added on to your stats shown on your front page, you must divide your raw BFA by 50. For example, if you have 5 billion in spy attack BFA, only 100 million is added on to your spy attack stats. However, like towers, BFA does NOT decrease as your troops and spies decrease. It is also hidden (unless your opp wants to add up all your BFA), which makes it misleading when others attack or spy you. Therefore, someone who thinks he or she can win on a person with high bfa may be left wondering why he or she is failing so much.

    Hoarfrost Glitch

    The level one troop and spy buildings on the hoarfrost lands give players extra attacks and spies. Without them, one has 26 attacks and 37 assassinates for a full bar. With them, one has 39 attacks and 51 assassinates for a full bar. If you war as a hansel, it is recommended that you do not get the hoarfrost level one troop building because you are just leaking more attacks.

    sb vs. ass

    It is not always advantageous to sb. When your spy attack is much, much lower than your opponent’s spy defense, always choose to fail ass, as it proportionately kills more of your opponents spies. If your spy attack is around the same as your opponents spy defense, choose to sb because a successful sb will kill more opponent spies than a failed ass. Finally, if your spy attack is double or more your opponents spy defense, choose to ass because a successful ass will kill more opponent spies than a successful sb proportionately.

    5. Strategy

    A ZT strategy

    This kamikaze strategy involves all builds diving troops at the start of war. This can be a very effective strategy if all members are fast at dumping regens on opponent and if the crystals are timed correctly. If done wrong, the team will likely be in pin the entire war and get sat on.

    Destroy the PS

    PS can be dangerous at the start, as they have heavy spies and can assassinate your strongest players down. To protect your strongest players, a strategy often involves many members of the team sbing or fail assing the PS from the start of the war to KO the PS first. Only then will the team move on to other targets.

    The Attack KO

    When you are trying to knockout or repin a person, you might want to go for an attack ko. This can occur when your opponent has no spies left and only troops left. If your last troop attack on your opponent is a success, you will be rewarded with an attack ko, which pays 4-5x more than a simple troop attack. This is set up by sbing the opponent to ZS first and then attacking. This strategy is most effective when the opponent is inactive, as an active opponent can sko.

    Where to Put Regens

    The war commander will often want to ask you to put regens on a certain player. This player might be a heavily towered tank, and even failing troop attacks on this player will weaken him or her so that he cannot plunder other people. Often this will be reported using the clan roster or CR. Ex: dump regens on 1,2,3

    Timing of Crystals

    When a person crystals when still in pin, the opponent will be 100% sure that the person crystalled. This is why if possible, crystal when still up so that the opponent is confused as to whether you crystalled or not. The timing of crystals may affect the flow of the war and momentum. If the opponent roster believes that a strong player has exhausted his or her crystal already, their weaker players now can crystal without the fear of getting eaten by the stronger player.
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  4. You forgot kos'd - when someone sees they have Kos on their roster and knows they're sure to lose, they have been "kos'd".
  5. Also don't forget the term "Devil's Triangle".. It's what occurs when you're dating arts three sisters at the same time.
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  9. Nice thread! I hope having more info will entice more to war :) maybe even I'll get around to it one of these days
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  12. great thread , i have waited for this, will be easy for me to teach war when they pm me and asking how to war, i will ss this for more info, thanks
  13. Ty foxy! If you have any ideas to add, just pm me :)
  14. And pls add some pictures showing how to see if opponent is zs (zero spies)

    How to see if the oppo is in glitch spies or troops

    Pxp/Dxd =plunder xtal plunder/dive xtal dive=
    means plunder (eat opponent troops till you are zero troops and crystal and eat opponent troops again and tank spies,usually you need to find where you can be successfully plunder,or you need to find the weak troops target, this strategy
    is for your team to lead and so opponent cannot catch up, but its also a strategy if your team score is so far behind and the opponent is leading a big gap,so it is really depends on the situation

    Also add info bout Tracking abbrevations:

    Window= the person is coming up from knocked out

    Up: those are still not knock out

    Repins: those are coming up from knock out

    Keep zs: maintain the specific target to be zero spies

    Sit: means you need to focus on the specific target and watch him/her every now and then

    How to know glitch: repeat actions scout bombing or attacking on enemy but the enemy still have same amount troops or spies

    In war if we dive, there is specific command from war commander where to put regen on = the reason for this its because the war commander want to weaken the specific person troops,its because the person maybe a tank or tough build (towered), putting regen will help to weaken their troops even failing actions, this is why hansel need to dump on tops in opponent clan rank (example 1-2-3 )
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    Ghost X- the act of using a health crystal when you aren’t being targeted or before your in glitch to throw off your opp
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