Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned for ignoring this thread
  2. Banned for giving nostalgia. I miss this thread!
  3. Banned bc...
  4. Banned for banning for no reasonđźš«
  5. Banned for reading too many bans
  6. Banned for banning me from banning too many bans
  7. See ya around, kaw. I had the time of my life. No, you can't have my stuff. He gave me those. To the kills, the hottys, the Guiles, the sharks, the Airys, the HTE admins in this game, the dogs, thank you. You guys were a blast. Nothing left for me here. Cya later
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  8. Banned for not making me a sandwich
  9. Banned for seeking sandwichđź‘€

    edit: just corrected my spelling lol
  10. Banned for needing to correct a single sentence ban.
  11. Banned for being the kind of guy to ban people for accidentally messing up a single sentence ban.
  12. Banned for banning authority figures and thus promoting anarchy.
  13. Banned for banning me for banning authority and not accepting anarchy.
  14. Banned for bringing political issues in the thread
  15. Banned for failing to take a joke
  16. Banned for taking
    Banned for having version 2.0 humor recognition software
  17. Banned for allowing this thread to die
  18. Banned for attempting to revive a dead thread.