Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned for getting kicked off gta 5 online cuz of ur language
  2. Banned to make you actually “lost”
  3. Banned for joining this game
  4. Banned for playing with yarn you're a bobcat not a domestic kitten
  5. Banned for not knowing I'm a special type of cat and double for no longer being da king
  6. Banned for the crime of blasphemy against da king you're sentenced to course rocky litter no more non clumping fresh step
  7. Banned for giving that awful punishment you jerk ;(
  8. :lol: banned for getting into trouble
  9. Banned for laughing at me cuz now you're cleaning my litterbox
  10. Banned for making a stinky in the litter box
  11. Banned for smelling my litterbox you weirdo
  12. Banned cuz my god wth did u eat? Im not cleaning that crap up no way man...
  13. Banned for not realizing I ate too much chili cheese fries chili cheese burgers, chili cheese dogs and chili cheese flavored Fritos
  14. Banned for eating prepackaged meat stop being lazy and go hunt a defenseless fawn like every other bobcat
  15. Banned cuz it ain't hunting season yet and too lazy to hunt
  16. Banned for sending me to the underworld
  17. Banned for being in the underworld
  18. Banned for not saving me
  19. Banned for wanting to be saved
  20. Banned for not saving lives but saving the bacon