Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. band 4 speling teh wurd rong
  2. Banned because it's all properly spelled, just can't use a word that bypasses
  3. Banned for being a good little BatDoggy and not breaking ToS
  4. Banned because honestly didn't matter to me either way.
  5. Banned for spray painting my warthog -.- I can't drive this in public after what you created...
  6. Banned cuz that was some funny stuff he painted on there
  7. Banned because I may not be an artist,but I was inspired
  8. Banned for wanted to be banned
  9. banned for doing what he wanted
  10. Banned because this is a banning game so yeah you're banned
  11. banned for confusing me
  12. Banned for getting confused
  13. Banned for banning a player that got confused
  14. Banned for getting involved in this game XP
  15. Banned 4 sending them an invite to join
  16. Banned for telling him about the friend invites
  17. Banned for inviting me to Disneyland... You know I swear a lot so...
  18. Banned because i have never heard you swear!
  19. Banned because I only swear when I get killed a lot on multiplayer games xd