Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned because I missed my que about zombie girls.... Mmmmm...
  2. Banned bc u said zombie girls and prob never talked to a girl irl lol
  3. Banned because my 5yr old daughter breaks that nasty rumor appart
  4. Banned for getting schooled by your daughter
  5. banned 4 not being smarter then a 5yr old
  6. Banned for supporting the devs
  7. Banned cuz they dont pay me enough 2 support them
  8. Banned for bamboozling me with your status message
  9. Banned for not letting me press the red shiny button
  10. Banned for Bombarding me with your bull malarkey
  11. Banned for putting signs telling me not to press the buttons which I ignored
  12. Banned for ignoring the signs!
  13. Banned because reading is boring
  14. Banned for being Banned while at band camp!
  15. Banned for mentioning band camp... Bad memories there
  16. Banned for not trading pets with me
  17. Banned because I'm trying to make a zoo out of them
  18. Banned 4 giving me more work 2 do... just cuz Im a maintenance tech at a zoo doesnt mean I wanna work 4 u...
  19. Banned cuz you don't want the raise then I'll give it to batdog double banned for killing the thread
  20. Well looks like u kill this thread this time so ur banned now