Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned because that's why it's so funny
  2. Banned for using your blindness to get the ladies
  3. Banned for not being a knight of Benny
  4. Banned for making me want to do what Benny says
  5. Banned 4 smoking my joint and not passing it back...
  6. Banned because that gets people killed
  7. Banned for getting Kenny get killed a lot
  8. Banned because in the Korn Halloween episode he doesn't die!
  9. Banned cuz they all suck and kenny knows it and thats y he gets killed all the time
  10. Banned because he's dead but never forgotten.... Well technically always respawns
  11. Banned for video game reference
  12. Banned 4 starting a new page...
  13. Banned for being too active in this thread
  14. Banned for not being very active in this thread
  15. Banned for inactivity during the zombie mode...

    I had to carry you EVRY time you're down
  16. Banned because in your dreams Moistcat, zombies are an obsession of mine
  17. banned 4 having dreams of that girl in izombie and talking about it...
  18. Banned for not seeing the beauty that zombified girls have (FYI my green skin is flawless)
  19. Banned for gnawing me every time I poke you
  20. Banned for being so delicious