Ban The Player Above You

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  1. Banned for missing your appointments
  2. Banned for going to your appointments
  3. Banned for having appointments
  4. Banned for not knowing
  5. Banned for knowing what you know and not letting anybody else know what you know
  6. Banned because if they knew what I know. Then I'd have to kill them
  7. Banned cuz I know everything about you
  8. Banned because, all you know is fake news
  9. Banned 4 talking about cnn
  10. Banned because Trump said so
  11. Banned for believing Trump
  12. Banned for not wanting to make America great again
  13. Banned for making me pay for the wall
  14. Banned for (b)eing a (itch)

    Jk bob 
  15. Banned for creative bypassing
  16. Banned for being a snitch
  17. Banned for not being Hyde
  18. Banned 4 calling out of work...
  19. Banned because I'm your boss and you're becoming more lazy