Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned 4 talking about urself
  2. Banned because why would I tell y'all? Half the fun of saying things like that is making your friends Google it then feel bad for doing so 
  3. Banned for googling how to cheat at blackjack
  4. Banned because, counting cards isn't technically cheating ;)
  5. Banned for getting beat up after caught not cheating
  6. Banned, because they got mad they couldn't figure out where I stashed my winnings
  7. Banned for taking my money my car and my suit for you to gamble -.-
  8. Banned for leaving the keys in the ignition. Also, the suit wasn't me, bat don't do the penguin suit thing
  9. Banned for taking my food while I was washing my hands
  10. Banned for leaving it in my reach
  11. Banned for being a dog with human hands
  12. Banned for having that strange username....
  13. Banned for random capitalization in your username...
  14. Banned cuz I havent seen u around here
  15. Banned because he was lost
  16. Banned for spoiling about Lost
  17. Banned 4 killing this thread
  18. Banned because this never ever dies
  19. Banned for not letting this thread die
  20. Banned because this is my home and double because you want it to die