Ban The Player Above You

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  1. Banned because it was Monopoly money
  2. Banned cuz I was trying buy boardwalk with that money
  3. Banned because boardwalk is over rated, you buy the ones right before & after free parking & go to jail ;)
  4. Banned for giving away monopoly secrets
  5. Banned for making me land on your hotels on monopoly -.-
  6. Banned for bad rolls
  7. Banned for staying in jail every time you roll doubles 3 times -.-
  8. Banned because as long as I'm in jail, I avoid paying rent ;)
  9. Banned for being right
  10. Banned cuz thats not what she said
  11. Banned for well getting banned of every event involving board games
  12. Banned for playing board games. Everything is digital these days
  13. Banned for reading craptacular fan fair that gets all the 12yr olds in a tizzy.
  14. Banned for being a twiheart
  15. Banned for even knowing what that word is and for making me look it up
  16. Banned 4 not telling us what the word was so I as well had 2 google it...
  17. Banned for looking up the truth about life
  18. Banned for googling it roglmfao
  19. Banned cuz u didnt let us know what it meant so yea...
  20. Banned for being a liberal