Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned for thinking it would happen days later
  2. Banned for joining this weird game
  3. Banned 4 staying in the game
  4. Banned because people won't let me Rotin peace ;)
  5. Banned cuz u allowed that 2 happen
  6. Banned because I allowed nothing
  7. Banned for playing this game too long
  8. Banned, because as long as I'm on Kaw this thread will never die
  9. Banned because as long as WE are on kaw this game will never die
  10. Banned for being right
  11. Banned cuz I havent seen u around here
  12. Banned for getting lost in the haunted graveyard
  13. Banned for not going in to rescue him
  14. Banned for killing this thread in which resulted in the rise of the zombies which means we have a zombie apocalypse
  15. Banned 4 being late 2 the show again...
  16. Banned for not being in the show
  17. Banned because we caught you at the border.
  18. Banned because Sènor Trump won't throw the ball back over the wall
  19. Banned for trying to catch the ball when he tried to throw it over the wall
  20. Banned for throwing a million dollar ball that's worth a lot