Ban The Player Above You

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  1. Banned cuz aint nobody got time 4 that
  2. Banned for not having time to do your essays
  3. Banned for wasting your mith to hide your allies. :lol:
  4. Banned for whispering positive reinforcement into Sean’s ear
  5. Lol, I would never.

  6. Banned for insulting British ancestry
  7. Banned for not following the thread rules

    “Ban the player above you”
  8. Banned for causing havoc on my Minecraft city...
  9. Banned for using red text
  10. Banned for violations of terms of service
  11. Banned 4 helping them violate those terms
  12. Banned for having the worst series ending episode I've ever watched
  13. Banned for being the thousandth person to mention that show in this thread
  14. Banned for having such a starch demeanor
  15. Banned for not engaging me in battle of Rock Paper Scissors
  16. Banned 4 losing 2 that game
  17. bAnNeD fOr BeInG lOsT
  18. Banned for being the thousand and first person to mention the show
  19. Banned for not helping me enough when I cleaned up the Castle
  20. Banned cuz I had nothing 2 do with that show u banned me 4 earlier... Never watched that show...