Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned 4 allowing that 2 happen 2 them
  2. Banned for being lazy and not using your words
  3. Banned cuz aint nobody got time 4 that...
  4. Banned, because I have time for that.
  5. Banned for not spending time on washing off all the graffiti on my wall
  6. Banned cuz thats not just any graffiti thats the 1 and only batdog signature mark
  7. Banned for partaking the vandalism he did
  8. Banned cuz I gotten lost on the way there so it wasnt me
  9. Banned for jumping on the banwagon (get the pun? XD)
  10. Banned for being a state
  11. Banned for posting 3 times on the same page in the same thread.
  12. Banned for thinking he's better than anyone else posting on the thread
  13. Banned for making the best green tea.
  14. Banned for being bad
  15. Banned for being you.
  16. Banned for not being a world record
  17. Banned 4 not setting a world record
  18. Banned for breaking a world record of being lost the longest
  19. Banned for not having a single defense troop or balanced troop building for that plunder boost or extra hits.
  20. Banned for looking you peeper