Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned for voting for Hillary you Domo
  2. Banned for killing this thread
  3. Banned for saving the thread
  4. Banned for contribution to this thread
  5. Banned for putting kick me sign on my back
  6. Banned because sure... It said "Kick me".... XD
  7. Banned because you followed and kicked him
  8. Banned for watching him kick him
  9. Banned bc he’s a vampire
  10. Banned because I hate chocolate
  11. Banned for not liking chocolate
  12. Banned for banning someone that doesn't like chocolate.
  13. Banned for hating gummy worms
  14. Banned for implying i hate gummy worms.
  15. Banned for hating gummy sharks
  16. Banned for implying i hate gummy sharks.
  17. Banned for being Kathamas new boi friend 
  18. Banned for escaping your cage
  19. Banned for falling into the clothes hamper
  20. Banned cuz it's worth it XD