Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned cuz u allowed that 2 happen
  2. Banned for not attending my funeral when I lost 8/9 lives via assassinations
  3. Banned cuz I didnt need 2 go the the last 8 times... u got 1 more and thats the only 1 that matters
  4. Banned because, you shoulda went bro. I had fun screwing with his tombstones XD
  5. Banned for putting graffiti on them -.-
  6. Banned, because at least it was tasteful
  7. Banned for spelling moistcat in each tombstone
  8. How is this ridiculous excuse for a post count farming thread still going
  9. Banned for not banning him and double because I still luv pie
  10. Banned bc you post here so much
  11. Banned because I have nothing else to do :/
  12. Banned for also having no life
  13. Banned for giving me salad instead of chili cheese fries
  14. Banned for ordering salad then deciding after it got there. You wanted chilli cheese fries
  15. Banned 4 not bringing that pizza Ive already paid 4 when u got there
  16. Banned for taking my wallet to pay the pizza that batdog ate
  17. Banned because I didn't eat it, they are sending a different delivery boy. There afraid I will eat it
  18. Banned for eating everything that I left on the table including my desserts
  19. Banned because I'm bored
  20. Banned for being a fatty for eating while bored