Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned for trying to get banned by using 4s
  2. Lost and fritz both banned for spamming forum counts. Its obvious wht you are doing....

  3. Banned 4 not posting a gif with that...
  4. All of u are pathetic
  5. Banned for not banning anyone
  6. Banned for not banning everyone.
  7. Banned for trying to ban everyone
  8. Banned for not trying to ban anyone
  9. @postman nice 1 :lol:

    banned 4 being a random person
  10. Banned for not having enough good reasons to ban you.
  11. Banned for falling back on something
  12. Banned for being on every damn thread I look at xD
  13. Banned for making me feel bad :(

    Seriously tho. Sorry about that. I like forums. I have no life. I post a lot. End o story
  14. Banned for making me feel bad about you feeling bad.
    Ps I'm only joking, nice seeing actual forumers I'll be able to recognise.
  15. Banned for calling fritz a regular forumer while he only has 150 or so posts
  16. banned for looking t his posts
  17. Banned for stealing a ps
  18. Banned for reporting a steal.
  19. Banned for not joining naruto to extend the series
  20. Banned for posting a ban