Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. ban both of you for lack of building skills on that game
  2. Ban you all for not having good bush camping skillz
  3. Banned for being good at camping
  4. Banned for not playing right now!
  5. Banned cuz u didn't invited me
  6. Banned 4 U don't play Minecraft and u destroy me In cod wW2 AND U EaT fIsH becus u aRe a CaT d0hT huRt fiSh
  7. banned for not putting the ban and double for misspelling
  8. Banned for not cooking for me hahahaha
  9. BaNnED YoU fOr huNTinG Fish
  10. Banned for not knowing that I don't cook
  11. Banned for eating anchovies on pizza
  12. BaNneD 4 being AN n()()b
  13. Banned for knowing your a nub
  14. Banned for being a eb fairy
  15. Banned for being a Goober
  16. banned 4 eating waffles at night
  17. Banned for saying I'm a goober
  18. Banned,for several reasons. 1. Not cooking (seriously basic survival skills) 2. Claiming you caught me red handed (my word vereses yours moistcat ;) ) 3. Seriously, banning someone from bacon is the most evil thing anyone can try to do.

  19. Banned for thinking he's entitled to Bacon

    ...."Only the righteous shall recieve bacon"