Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned for another sad attempt to take this thread off topic by using"personal" talk instead of banning
  2. Banned for giving me the wrong drink....

    You know I hate tea!
  3. Banned because, 1. Tea is awesome 2. You requested it 3. Trusting me to give you the right thing & last 4. Trusting me not to stir it with a special stirring stick (seriously XD)
  4. Banned for poisoning the tea with your "stirring stick"

    And no I didn't request the tea, I wanted a monster
  5. Banned because a monster was used to stir it ;)
  6. Banned for poisoning my monster ENERGY DRINK when requested you evil dogbat
  7. Banned 4 stealing my monster java mean bean I mean come man that wasnt on sale... Paid full price 4 it
  8. Banned from every monster drink ever made
  9. Banned because only a true villian would do that to someone. The evil works of moistcat!
  10. Banned for calling me moistcat...

    Soon you'll be no longer enjoy eating bacon
  11. Banned because that's impossible
  12. You're banned from bacon forever
  13. Banned for not sharing your cookies
  14. Banned for not sharing your monster
  15. Banned for trying to ban me from Bacon. See now we know who truly evil Moistcat
  16. banned for stealing all my stuff, eating my food and caught you red handed stealing my ban hammer :mad: you're the evil one not me
  17. Banned for not saving me in fortnite
  18. banned because it's survival of the fittest...
  19. Ban BoBcat. For dying first in every game of fortnight
  20. Banned for not playing enough fortnite