Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned cuz somehow I gotten lost over there and didnt know what 2 do or where 2 go
  2. Banned for losing everything including directions /).- smh
  3. Banned for being funny. Mods dont want you to have fun these days, just buy nobs and xtals.
  4. Banned for giving me ripoff skittles
  5. Banned because they were skottles taste the multi color light projection!
  6. Banned for post count farming.
  7. Banned for being closely relating to dolphin
  8. Banned because I knew a player with dolphin in their name
  9. Banned for knowing and quite disturbing
  10. Banned because if I'm disturbing, you must be discussing me ;)
  11. Banned cuz uuhhh...:

    Oh look a ufo!
  12. Banned cuz u allowed them 2 take me away
  13. Banned because they wanna experiment on you
  14. Banned for vicious probing in no spefic places XD
  15. Banned for being part of the probing on lost guy
  16. banned for failure to comply with the moral ethics and just system of which is stated within their city.
  17. Banned cuz Uuummm... Yeah you find me kinda scared
  18. Banned for being intimidated by one of the few intellectual statements made in this thread.
  19. Banned for underestimating the powers of the UFO who turned Lost into a dogbat
  20. Banned because does that mean he's my enemy now?