Ban The Player Above You

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  1. Banned cuz he doesnt use coal anymore... he went natural gas
  2. Banned Because I sell propane & propane accessories
  3. Banned for working at Strickland's propane
  4. Banned cuz propane sucks charcoals better
  5. Banned but I haft to agree, charcoal gives things a better flavor
  6. Banned 4 agreeing while selling propane and propane accessories
  7. Banned for killing our lungs with charcoal
  8. banned cos abit of death makes living all the more enjoyable XD
  9. Banned for being right,no death would also lead to over population
  10. Banned for knocking down the Xmas tree
  11. Banned 4 not watering the real tree so it caught fire
  12. Banned for taking the water and use it for your bath
  13. Banned for not taking baths.
  14. Banned cuz I take showers
  15. Banned 4 taking all the hot water...
  16. Banned for not having hot water
  17. Banned for not letting someone else make you
  18. Banned for being too rebellious
  19. Banned for having a confusing name
  20. Banned for not capitalizing the first letter