Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned because you're gay for batdog
  2. Banned for being a very weird person
  3. Banned for acknowledging his sad existence
  4. Banned because well... I got nothing :/
  5. Banned because you can't fix stupid, only kill it before it has a chance to breed 
  6. Banned 4 posting emojis in here...cant see it
  7. Banned for being blind while under the influence
  8. Banned 4 stealing my glasses
  9. Banned because those were X-ray glasses you perv
  10. Banned because everyone knows those are fake
  11. Banned because these aren't fake they're real
  12. Banned because I want a real set ;)
  13. Banned 4 wearing them when I walked in... felt violated
  14. Banned because I no longer want a set after that bro...
  15. Banned cuz I agree :lol:
  16. Banned for agreeing and stole my ramen
  17. Banned for not being my friend
  18. Banned cuz u reset his greaves and burned up all that inferno
  19. Banned for using my die cast car as a cup holder