Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned for not knowing the player above you is a drug addicted clown
  2. Banned for being to pathetic to come up with a better ban
  3. Banned cuz I agree with batdog

  4. Banned for sucking batdog bitt
  5. Banned for agreeing with me bobcat, never feed the trolls ;)
  6. Banned cuz they are scrub XD
  7. Banned because now I had to agree with you too
  8. Banned cuz we both agree on the agreement against trolls
  9. Banned because I made the mistake of feeding the troll lol
  10. Banned because I told you not to feed the troll past midnight...

    Wait that's gremlins
  11. Banned 4 lying 2 him about the time
  12. Banned because there's never a good time to feed trolls bro
  13. Banned for not letting the troll starve
  14. Banned because im trying
  15. Banned cuz put him in pimd to troll there
  16. Banned once again 4 eating all the bacon... all 5 lbs of it
  17. Banned because you don't deserve the bacon
  18. Banned because that's just harsh, truly harsh
  19. Banned because you two stole my food again... There was a note saying property of bobcat
  20. Banned because you wrote that note with my pen, automatically guaranteeing my right to eat your food