Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned because hommie I pimped out my dog house
  2. Banned because I left a "special" gift at your doghouse
  3. Banned for doing that
  4. Banned because you dared me to do it
  5. Banned cuz it was funny as hell but u didnt youtube it
  6. Banned because I transferred it to his new Bobcat
  7. Banned for touching my new bobcat -.- don't get near my stuff ever batdoge
  8. Banned 4 leaving the keys in it with full tank of fuel... operates really good... oh yes that scratch was already there b4 I borrowed it
  9. Banned because ill vouch for you bro.... Scratch was definitely already there ;)
  10. Banned the both of yiu going near my stuff and why does ot smell like vomit?
  11. Banned cuz u were out drinking in it again...
  12. Banned because I don't drink...
  13. Banned because of course you'd say that for insurance purposes
  14. Banned because hush hush ratchihuahua
  15. Banned Because what? Ratchichuha? Can't even spell it but jeez there the literal same thing 
  16. Banned for not knowing what I spelt rat-chihuahua /).-
  17. It's still a rat, your still banned

  18. Banned for being a filthy drug addicted clown
  19. Banned for being a pathetic looser that had to chase me to another thread
  20. Banned cuz what what happened between u two o_O