Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned because your just after my lowland nuts!! XD
  2. Banned for making me picture your lowland nuts.
  3. Banned for being a talking beard!
  4. :shock: banned u trying 2 banned the beard
  5. Banned for not banning the beard and yes I did
  6. banned 4 not being warned about beard... Ive stories about how that beard is... gillette wont go near it
  7. Banned for being a chicken to the beard
  8. Banned because it's stupid to try attack anything Chuck Norris related
  9. Banned for getting your butt whooped against Chuck Norris
  10. Banned because there is no Shame in that act
  11. Banned 4 not hooking me up with tickets 2 see urself getting kicked by norris :lol:
  12. Banned because they banned stoners who smoke the 420
  13. Banned because they didn't, I just forgot to invite him
  14. Banned because you forgot to invite me
  15. Banned because now y'all speak up
  16. Banned for being a bad batdog
  17. Banned 4 not teaching him 2 be a good batdog
  18. Banned because that was your job to teach him
  19. Banned because I can't be trained... Ask Hades
  20. Banned for being untrainable so best way is to put you in the doghouse