Ban The Player Above You

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  1. Banned because dummies have feelings too
  2. Banned cuz they made a lot of books 4 dummies
  3. Banned for reading these books for dummies especially how to ban people for dummies
  4. Banned for being the author of that one
  5. Banned because he is secretly JK Rowling
  6. Banned cuz you guessed wrong that I'm J.K. Rowling
  7. Banned because AVADA KADABRA!
  8. Banned for not knowing it was a Harry Potter reference
  9. Banned for using a unforgivable curse and not giving me an awesome scar
  10. Banned because THANK YOU lol, I appreciate the remark
  11. Banned cuz harry potter sucks... couldnt pay me enough 2 watch crap
  12. Banned cuz I agree Harry Potter sucks
  13. Banned because the books were great
  14. Banned cuz books r so 90s and their tldr... movie is the way 2 go...
  15. Banned for not appreciating great work or books!
  16. Banned because I had to fight a skunk today...
  17. Banned cuz you stinks quite literally. Take a shower!
  18. Banned because while I won the battle (didn't get sprayed) he won the war
  19. Banned for letting the skunks win the war