Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned for gibing me cheap plastic fake Legos that break easily and the minifigures are poorly painted and don't articulate due to the seems coming out and don't get me started with the bad instruction sheet
  2. Banned for playing with fake legos
  3. Banned for not being pickle Rick
  4. Banned because pickles have no feelings
  5. Banned 4 having a bad experience with putting those fake legos 2gether while reading the instruction sheet upside down
  6. Banned because all I made was a bong.... And a odd leaf
  7. Banned 4 not passing that around
  8. Banned cuz they're made of plastic. Cheap plastic and smells like nirvana
  9. Banned for relighting my long lost teenage spirit
  10. Banned cuz your teen spirit stinks
  11. banned cuz u didnt use any febreze
  12. Banned for not recycling that febreze
  13. Banned cuz you're a nature freak
  14. Banned 4 banning me on my wall
  15. Banned for having 420 in your name.
    Smoking weed is so edgy.
  16. Banned 4 not being up on my smoking level... get with the times and u wouldnt feel that way...
  17. Banned for not vaping
  18. Banned 4 being wrong about that... I vape that oil...
  19. Banned for vaping while serving food