Ban The Player Above You

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  1. Banned 4 getting fired and then going on that stealing rampage
  2. Banned because you can't prove I did anything ;)
  3. banned cuz we seen the youtube video
  4. Banned cus I never saw it.
  5. Banned for keeping this ancient thread alive
  6. Banned for escaping the zoo
  7. Banned for being in the zoo
  8. Banned cuz Im a maintenance tech II at a zoo
  9. Banned for supporting the imprisonment of innocent animals
  10. Banned for throwing peanuts at my cage you jerk!
  11. Banned 4 asking a lock on other thread that wasnt urs
  12. Banned for knowing it's a pointless thread cuz nobody cares about Selena's bumbum Injury
  13. Banned because they were high quality peanuts
  14. Banned for breaking zoo rules not to feed the animals
  15. Banned 4 trying 2 enforce the rules when u could be eating peanuts
  16. Banned for breaking into my exhibit to get lost and find my stash
  17. Banned 4 thinking that I broke in when I got the keys
  18. Banned for confiscating my video games
  19. Banned because video games promote violence
  20. Banned because oh hell no! You didn't just go there about Videogames on a war game!