Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned because it's a fun Friday
  2. Banned 4 being 1 day ahead of me.. any chance of the winning lotto #?
  3. Banned for missinturpting my previous comment & also because even if I as a day ahead, still wouldn't work lol
  4. Banned for being in the future... Has North Korea ruined?
  5. Banned for being too ambiguous, ruined what?
  6. Banned for not knowing what was ruined
  7. Banned because yeah ruined what ?
  8. Banned for ruining the carpet. I just cleaned it.
  9. Banned because the cat framed me !
  10. Banned for looking like sloth from the goonies
  11. Banned because sloth is awesome and became superman #HeyYouGuyssss
  12. Banned for not banning anyone
  13. Banned for banning someone
  14. Bannedfor banning people who banned people
  15. Banned for not spacing while banning someone who banned the person who was banning...
    Wow a lot of bans
  16. Banned for banning a banner for banning a banner while simotanesiouly becoming the banner that you were trying to ban in the first place
  17. Banned because it doesn't matter who you ban, it's how you ban the player.
  18. Banned 4 using a pound sign (#) on a game this isnt that twitter crap
  19. Banned for thinking Twitter is crap