Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned 4 leaving the cake out and not offering me any
  2. Banned for not sharing the cake
  3. Banned for not understanding that cake is delicious and should not be shared.
  4. Banned because you were lost and I could not find you
  5. You are banned for sharing
  6. Banned for being judgemental
  7. Your hereby banned by the council of banishment for banishing people without banning privet ages or having the ban hammer. And banned the person who's gonna ban me because I banned myself so no need to ban me just move along.
  8. Banned because..... I'll just move along -_-
  9. Banned for moving along
  10. Banned 4 skipping the other players while trying 2 banned me instead...
  11. Banned because the previous bans from other players are too complicated to ban
  12. Banned for taking the time to ban people
  13. Banned for being impatient
  14. Baned 4 having an excause not 2 banned the other players
  15. Banned because why would he want to lol
  16. Banned because playing games on PC is better
  17. Banned cuz the pc wont fit in my otterbox
  18. You are banned for not trying hard enough to fit a pc in your box
  19. Banned 4 running out of speakers
  20. Banned because I have nothing better to do but talk in wc