Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Banned 4 talking about that game
  2. Banned for realizing its better than this
  3. Banned for being a troll player.
    Anyways, I have hired the owner of this awesome thread "Welcome_to_Kaw"
  4. Banned because I'm not a troll and everything I say is 100% serious.
  5. Banned for being too serious
  6. Banned 4 being 2 young 4 this serious conversation
  7. Banned because i bet Khalifa has more maturity than you possess and could school you in how to be a man !!
  8. Not banning you but ban the person to post after me for banning me in the near fututre
  9. Banned because…I doubt it. :lol: #ImmaturityIsAMust

    *Edit*: I didn't ban the player above me since I was already banned by them (-,-)
  10. :lol: banned cuz whatever she said b4 u was funny
  11. Banned because.…well, shut it nub :p
  12. Banned for being to old for a name like that.
  13. Banned for being too old to poop solid poops…
  14. Banned 4 not sending me an invite 2 ur clan :lol: I like the name
  15. Banned because it seems you need to be kept away from Khalifa .Who is a bad influence on you breaking the habit . He will lead you astray !
  16. Banned because I understood 0% percent of that
  17. Banned cuz I agree with u
  18. Banned for having no savvy . You was in the clan puff,puff pass the other day . This was what 420 was referencing .He wanted to join you because that's what his screenname means !! Durr , khalifa wake up.
  19. Both banned for having fogged up brains and cant remember what they said , or what they did ,or where they were.
  20. i am so good at this game !! Your turn Grizzy !