Ban The Player Above You

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Welcome_to_kaw, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. omg Banned cus 420 blaze it :) #getrektasiamrn
  2. Banned 4 using the pound sign and whatever that says
  3. Banned cause you are lost
  4. Banned for banning the correct person
  5. Banned because I have an incredibly large.. ego *moon face*
  6. Banned for being on an ego trip lol
  7. Banned cuz I dont I have banned u yet
  8. Banned because your ban doesn't make sense
  9. Banned because obviously, all the bans here don't make any sense, but you didn't figure it out.
  10. lol banned cuz I was smoking and didnt read it b4 I sent it
  11. Banned because smoking is a dirty habit and the only way to have clear thinking is to quit it and be on a natural high .
  12. Banned for being a hypocrite.
  13. Banned because you cannot find a sense.
  14. Banned because i dont smoke at all so therefore i am not a hypercrite.
  15. Banned for maybe logically banning
  16. I have hired Welcome To KaW
  17. Banned for hiring an inactive noob
  18. Banned for being correct
  19. Banned because they didn't mention anything that would label them as correct.
  20. Banned because you did not make any statements that disproved them being right. Argument invalid